Adventures in Thrift Hunting

Thursday Thrift Adventures

There is something about bargain hunting that brings out joy amongst complete strangers. Frequenting my favorite hunting ground Value Village (where I have indeed been mistaken for an employee on numerous occasions by current employees) I almost always walk out with something that I’ve been thinking about. I guess it’s the saying when you put the thought into the universe you will be rewarded. Although they seem to come in small doses I am very thankful for these amazing ‘happenings.’

Rattan Charger

Back to what I was saying. The bargain “hunter gatherer” in us finds other bargain “hunter gatherers” and with a rush of excitement cheering them on their find. That very thing happened to me. I went to my favorite Value Village revisiting the same shelves for a new surprise. I was so thrilled to find the rattan serving tray I had been eyeing for a week was still there. Not only that a few day prior I had passed on a set of wicker charges to then be surprised with a few that I liked much more.

At the check out I shared my excitement about the serving tray to which the cashier shared in my joy. Exiting with my arms full a gentleman stopped to ask “did you find any bargains?” To which I replied’ “well I actually grabbed this tray I’d been eyeing for a week!” He in astonishment walked closer to say “you mean to tell me you’d been here for a week and it’s still been here?” “Yes!” I replied, “can you believe it?” He shared in my joy, gave me a side hug with praise at my finds and told me he was happy for my find.

I had also spotted this bowl and waited nearly two weeks before giving in.

So yes, I indeed walked out with my arms full but my heart was as well. This was not the first time I was met with that bargain enthusiasm and I am sure it will not be my last.

The Rattan Tray

Happy thrifting!

An Apartment in Madrid | Decor Inspiration: Carolina Herrera Baez

For decor inspiration I often come back to something a bit bohemian. The living room colorfully upholstered sofas and 19th-century bergère chair. Both Carolina Herrera Baez and interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada designed the campaign bed that completes the room.


The bedroom is my favorite with ticking stripe brightened by the pop of orange from pillow cases.


An iron and wood campaign bed sits on the apartment’s original herringbone floors.

Carolina Herrera Baez stands in front of walls covered in pink linen trimmed with jute ribbon. The table and mirror are also by interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada complimented by a Jonathan Adler chandelier.

Photos by: William Waldron via Elle Decor