Saturday Brunch with Family

panza llena corazón contento

Fully belly, happy heart was the theme of Saturday’s family brunch. Mimosas flowed while the cooks cooked. Laughter filled the room rivaling the noise of the neighbors deck building. This past Saturday we had a lot to celebrate. My husband’s great aunt Ida along with her daughter Lisa came to visit and grandpa Roberto has been doing great in his journey. This past April my husband’s grandfather suffered a stroke which left him temporarily blind and the ability to only communicate is Spanish. Recovery has been slow but he can see fully in one eye and partially in the other. He is back to speaking both English and Spanish. However, that storyteller in him I have come to know all these years is what we all miss. He is still a jokester at times, which is wonderful when you’re having to learn how to manage life differently. We remind him as much as we can of how far he as come.


My aunt Ida is so much fun and would have to be a favorite of mine (shhh, don’t tell my aunts). My husband and I had her laughing as much as she made us laugh. She and my not so little were inseparable from the moment we walked in the door. Per usual I was again in trouble for not calling or texting enough. We teased Lisa about her fireman, looked at old photos from the 1800s trying and almost arguing about which baby it was in the photo with great grandma Eliza.


Brunch as total Pacific Northwest spread. My husband made jerk shrimp and toasted baguettes to be dipped into the buttery juice from the hot skillet. My mother-in-law made two quiche, one with crab with corn and the second meat lovers of sausage and bacon for the few of us who don’t do crab. There was also sliced potatoes with melted cheese, fruit plate (those strawberries were delicious) and last but never forgotten the melt in your mouth salmon. This trip was a first of few things for cousin Lisa who’d never had salmon or figs before.


Chata waited for anything to fall from the table sitting near anyone she could before giving up and lying on the carpet.

I tell you there is nothing more special than Saturday brunch with family………..


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